23 Mar

Liu Gang, the founder of PayNews.net, a Hangzhou-based

online news service focusing on China’s mobile payment industry, said to Securities Daily he expects the run-up of cashless payments will maintain for three to five years until it takes up as much sha re of consumption as possible, as consumers incrementally wade farther into cashless payments. Data from PBOC revealed banking financial institutions in
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22 Mar

He went into hiding in 1996 and was finally arrested in 2008

Serbian capital, Belgrade. Karadzic was heavily disguised by a white beard, long hair and spectacles, living under a false identity as a “spiritual healer.” Karadzic is the highest-ranking political figure to have been brought to justice over the bitter ethnic conflicts of the 1990s. Wednesday’s judgement was handed down by the UN’s international residual mechanism
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21 Mar

Authorities said the assailant obtained the firearms used

  in the attack through legal means. Ardern and Deputy Prime Mi nister Winston Peters announced Monday evening that the cabinet has agreed to ch anges to New Zealand’s gun laws “in principle,” but the exact measures have not been revealed.   While acknowledging that “for a short period” the planned amendments might create uncertainty for some
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