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Napoleon’s indescribable pain was an impulse to die

7 Jan

Napoleon’s indescribable pain was an impulse to die

On June 18, 1815, Napoleon, France’s proud son of heaven, ended all his dreams and glories as a hero in the World War I in Waterloo.

Of course, the most glorious moment of a hero may be the moment when he finally failed. For more than two hundred years, people have been discussing the reasons for Waterloo’s defeat,

mainly at three levels: general, force and command. However, according to the urine nature of past wars, many of the key factors determining the general trend of history are often very insignificant details.

The whole battle of Waterloo seemed quite dramatic. Marshal Ney led 80,000 main forces to wrestle with the British army, circuitous back and forth, not knowing what he was

doing, resulting in the annihilation of 80,000 troops. Marshal Grouchy was even more extraordinary. The Waterloo front had been beating dimly. The man had 340,000 elite troops in his hand, but he wandered around on

the grounds that he had not received orders from his superiors. He did not fire a shot until the end of the war. Marshal Sirte, Chief of Staff, was

also very unqualified. He did not know the deployment of the British army or the arrangement of his own army, which led to chaos in the battlefield.

Careful study will reveal that these unreasonable chaos is actually very strange, even if Napoleon’s more than 20 troops were urgently

assembled in two months, but there are still many veterans. No matter how many reasons you find, there is no way to explain why Napoleon, as an outstanding military genius, repeatedly

made some low-level mistakes. Until an argument arose, it was immediately clear why Napoleon had gone awry in the final battle, that Napoleon had very serious haemorrhoids.

Napoleon suffered from hemorrhoids all his life. According to his memoirs and common portraits, his usual standing and sitting postures were very strange and anxious. It is said

that he often scratches his body until the sore bleeds. Many male comrades know that hemorrhoids is a

very painful and difficult thing to talk about, especially when it happens at a critical moment.