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7 May

All the professors here at the institute have not only

theoretical knowledge, but also very good and deep experience in different types of satellites. For example, Professor Hu was part of China’s own satellite program from th e very beginning, and Professor Cui has taken part in both of my nation’s remote-sensing satellite projects. “All of them have at least 10 years of experience in
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23 Apr

he Guangzhou meteorological service issued an oran

ge signal for thunderstorms and yellow signal for heavy rain at 3:36 am. It issued yellow signals for thunderstorms and heavy rain in the districts of Tianhe, Yuexiu and Liwan at 10:16 am. Middle and primary schools and kindergartens i Sanshui district, Foshan city, were closed once the red signal for heavy rain was issued.
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31 Mar

streamline certain fees related to ports, highways and airpo

he said. In addition, the ministry will step up its efforts to manage the effects of eliminating highway toll stations at provincial boundaries. The ministry also called for small and medium-sized enterprises to forge alliances for common development to consolidate the fragmented logistics sector. In recent years, China’s logistics industry has been experiencing consistent growth
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