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16 Mar

The CPPCC should improve its quality in carrying out its

  dual responsibility of offering suggestions and building consensus, and shoulder its political responsibilities of impleme nting the CPC Central Committee’s decisions and plans, of meeting its requirements for CPPCC wo、 rk, and of pooling the wisdom and strength of all Chinese people, at home and overseas, for national rejuvenation, it says.   ang Yang, a member
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6 Mar

Fortunately, negotiators from both sides have conduc

ted the talks with a down-to-earth attitude without getting too obs essed with their differences and thus have been able to make substantive progress. Cooperation benefits both, confrontation hurts not just both, but also the entire world. This, among other things, is an inherent part of the broad picture of Sino-US relations. Given the impact
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4 Mar

Madrazo said in the next 20 years, there will be more innovative

technologies to support farmers to practice sustainable agricultural production. “The combining chance of advanced breeding technologies that makes the seeds smarter and more productive, together with modern crop protection products that are friendlier to the envir onment, coupled with biological technologies that really helps explore the power of microorganisms in the soil, w ith digital
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