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19 May

hina plans steps to unearth hidden debtments’ hidde

Minister: Innovative financial tools, swaps to help tackle growing problem Local governments will be urged to leverage financial resources for reducing “hidden debt” and make use of market-oriented financial instruments for debt swaps, a senior government official said on Thursday. In a signed article, Finance Minister Liu Kun said it was imperative to bring down
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12 May

The administration has established over 360 new moni

itoring stations in the China Seismic Experimental Site, which spans Sichuan and Yunnan pro vinces, since construction of the project was launched about one year ago, Zheng Guoguang, vic e-minister of emergency management and head of the administration, told a news conference on Friday. The area previously had about 1,000 monitoring stations. China is the
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6 May

Erran Persley, commissioner of the Kentucky Cabine

 for Economic Development, the state’s primary agency responsible for encouraging job crea tion and retention, along with new investment, praised Yu’s dedication to bringing fishing industries to the area. “As we are negotiating at federal level, the important thing is to make sure relationships between provinces and states keep moving and business relationships keep growing.
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1 May

Some rural banking institutions lacked control ov

r related party transactions and even transferred benefits throug h abusive related party transactions. Some institutions had management irregu larities in pledges of equity. Some stakeholders bought shares by breaking fundraising rules, faking qualifications or ent rusting a third party to hold the equity. Some shareholders sought control over rural banking institutions’ ope rations through
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