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16 May

Health campaign targets lung diseasews the X-ray che

The National Health Commission will take steps to prevent new cas es of a lung disease often associated with dusty occupations, a senior official said on Monday. The campaign is “the most important and compelling work” the commission will conduct with several other ministries to curb the development of pneumoconiosis, the commission’s vice-minister, Li Bin,
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15 May

The bicycle industry has found a driving force for new pro

 profits in producing electric bicycles, exploring niche markets, an d improving intelligent and network connecting levels, Economic Daily reported Monday. As China’s bicycle-sharing companies experienced periods of boom and decline in 2017 and 2018, many of the country’s bicycle companies have discovered new profit potential by producing e-bicycles. Statistics show the output of shared bicycles
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18 Apr

Speaking of the Chinese economy, Liu said, China is

 accelerating its transition from high-speed growth to high-quality develo pment, as its economic structure continues to upgrade, and new momentum sustains remarkable growth. China has adopted a proactive fiscal policy this year with greater intensity and enhanced efficiency, rolling out substa ntial tax cuts and fee reductions, and its economic growth in the first quarter
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15 Apr

The country will push forward credit information sha

ing as well as jointly reward and punishment system building among government depart ments for high-quality development of cross-border posting and delivery services, Tu said. In 2018, Chinese express delivery firms handled a record 50.71 billion p arcels, up 26.6 percent from the previous year. Business revenue expan ded by 21.8 percent to reach 603.84
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